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As many of you would know, I currently work as a Content Writer for Japan Info. Japan Info is a Japanese cultural website. All the contents found at the website are all about Japan. It's actually easy to become a writer! You just need good writing skills, knowledge about Japan, a paypal account and a stable internet connection. There is also no quota to work on. You're free to work anytime at your own pace! If you're interested, you may sign up at this link.

How to write for Japan Info:

  1. Think of a topic related to Japan that might interest you and your audience.

  2. Write an over 500 word draft or a 1,000 word draft or an over 2,000 word draft at Evernote. You need to download the application of Evernote on your desktop. If your desktop cannot download Evernote, you can work on the web browser of it. Japan Info requires writers to type an over 500 word draft, 1,000 word draft or an over 2,000 word draft; whichever floats your boat. Writers are also required to add images on their articles. Please take note that you need to cite the sources of the images. Japan Info also provides how to write an effective article. I greatly suggest to read it carefully.

  3. Submit your draft with the Evernote link on the google doc that Japan Info will provide you. Japan Info will review your article if it can be published on the website. You will receive an email once it's already published.

  4. You may collect your earnings once it reaches 5,000 yen. You just need to submit a payment application on the google doc that Japan Info will provide you. An over 500 word article costs 1,000 yen, a 1,000 word article costs 1,500 yen while an over 2,000 word article costs 2,500 yen. 500 yen will be deducted as as a transaction fee and also a 5% paypal fee. You will receive your payout on the final business day of the following month.

Japan Info also rewards writers who can write effective articles! You can get the "Most Popular Article" award if your article was well received on their facebook page. The first place will be awarded with 3,000 yen, the second place will be awarded with 2,000 yen while the third place will be awarded with 1,000 yen. You can also get the "Best Writer of the Month" award. Each awardee will get 15,000 yen.

You actually need a paypal account so you could get your payout.

How to set-up a paypal account:

  1. Sign up at the website of paypal.

  2. Link your bank account so you could withdraw your earnings.

  3. (Optional) You could also link your credit/debit card for online purchases.

Here are some of my articles by the way:

  1. Take a Look at KAT-TUN's Ten Years as a Johnny's Idol Group!

  2. All About The Multi-talented Japanese Yui Aragaki and Her Career

  3. Good News, Perfume Fans! Here are Additional Dome Tour Dates Plus Cosmic Explorer Tour Goods!

If you're interested, please do sign up here! ❤︎

Please also do visit Japan Info's:
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