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FLOW live in Manila


Just last April 16, one of the popular Amuse Incorporated’s artists, FLOW, finally landed in Manila, Philippines through Ozine Fest! This was their first time in Manila and also my first time in seeing them live. However, before finally having their concert, there were some technical difficulties. The fans were withheld for a couple of hours before the show. We were supposed to be lined up according to our pass but it wasn’t followed since Amuse Inc. revised the seating arrangement. Up to the last minute, we were forced into a hall without any airconditioner and they decided to fix the line there. The fans were already confused as to what was happening, then the organizers announced that there was some mishap with their supplier. In the end, the issue was solved and the concert went on!

Also before the concert, FLOW PHILIPPINES (https://www.facebook.com/groups/fightingdreamersPH/), the local street team for FLOW, prepared a banner for fans to sign messages for the band. The street team successfully collected messages from fans in the convention.


To be honest, I’m only familiar with a no. of FLOW songs but I greatly enjoyed their full live concert! Since it wasn’t allowed to be jumping inside the hall, the fans were only swaying their hands, singing with FLOW and screaming. There were times the hall was shaking so some fans got afraid and chose to remain seated. But, the concert turned out to be so well and enjoyable! FLOW members apologized that the concert was a little delayed. We were still so happy even so. My most favorite part was when Take, their lead guitarist, went out with led lights on his clothing and sang Voltes V’s theme! That was so fun! With the difficulties before the concert, I think the concert still turned out to be good because of FLOW’s liveliness during the concert! Keigo is also such an eyecandy! <3 I wish to get to know more about them and see them again once they land here in the Philippines again. Just right after the final song, we were able to hand them the banner.

FLOW and the audience after the concert! <3

Goto holding our banner <3

The audience

(c) Photos were from FLOW's official facebook page

Thanks to Ozine Fest and to Amuse Inc. Asia for making this possible! <3
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At the meet and greet! <3

Hello, dear blog readers! As you may know, one of my favorite J-Rock bands already landed in Philippine shores! This is the first time a mainstream J-Rock band has landed here in Manila. Their first ever concert here in the Philippines was held last January 19, 2016. Together with my co-admins in Amuse Team Philippines and Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers, we all attended the said concert.


I arrived at the venue, in SM Mall of Asia Arena, at around 12nn. Philippines’ ONE OK ROCKers prepared a banner to be signed by all the fans. The banner was already filled up with lots of messages when I already arrived. This was also the time I saw my friends from the Johnny’s fandom. I met new people too! Shout out to the beautiful lady I met from Davao! She’s too pretty! <3 And, to Zeniga who came from Thailand just to catch ONE OK ROCK live in Manila!

Read more about my ONE OK ROCK live concert experience in my hometown! )


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