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SEISHUN KAKUMEI, a group of young passionate individuals, is making their dreams come true! This Japanese pop cover group, also known as revolutionary girls, landed the 2nd place at the J-Pop Dance Contest held at SM Mall of Asia last July 25th, 2015. I had the chance to sit down and talk with the members after the said competition. Get to know more about these wonderful girls with this very first feature about SEISHUN KAKUMEI!

Present in the interview were:
Kang: “The onee-sama [eldest sister] of the group”
Satsunyan: “Very ikemen [beautiful] person”
Ciara: “I’m a cat.”
Sachi: “I’m Sachi, your resident mahou shoujo [magical girl]”
Jessica: “I’m the rapper of the group, the swagger, minsan nag-e-MC-MC rin.”
Rin: “A random tomato”
Donna: “I’m the newest member.”

“Walang initiation. Collective.” [No initiation. It was collective.]

Seishun Kakumei started as a J-Pop cover group when it was finally announced that there was going to be an event exclusively for Filipino J-Pop fans. The members openly expressed that it was a collective decision to start a cover group.

Sachi recalls that she and her friends were in one place when J-Pop Festival Kick-off Party was announced.“From the start naman idol fans na kami. So noong nagkaroon ng contest ng J-Pop Festival noong 2011, nasa bahay namin kami. First time na nagkaroon ng J-Pop idol contest noon. Yun lang yung nakita naming chance, finally”, Sachi happily exclaimed. [We were idol fans from the beginning. We were gathered together at my house when J-Pop Festival was announced in 2011. It was the first time we heard of a J-Pop idol contest here. That was finally our chance (to start).]

Jessica further adds that it started as out a joke, but the joke became a real decision. “Walang initiation. Collective. Nagsimula siya sa joke. ‘Tara, cover tayo ng ganyan.’ Joke lang siya pero biglang, ‘bakit di natin siya seryosohin?’ Tapos naghanap na kami ng mga members.” [There was no initiation. Collective. It started as a joke. “Hey, let’s cover something.” It was only a joke, “but why not?” Then, we started looking for members.]

While Ciara was surprised yet happy to find out that they were going to compete for a J-Pop dance contest. “Actually, noong nagpasa sila ng application, bigla na lang nila sinabi na ‘kasali pala tayo guys.’ Hindi ako informed! May contest pala na sasalihan. Hindi ko alam.” (laughs) [When they passed the application, they just suddenly told me that we were competing. I was not informed! I was about to join a contest. I didn’t know.]
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